Live-Stream Programs

Live streaming allows you to experience IFM educational programs from the comfort of your home or office. Interactive features in the live-stream player allow you to enjoy a collaborative experience that connects you with a community of practitioners from around the world.


IFM's pre-course webinar series prepares you for the concepts to be presented during the actual education program. The post-course webinar series allows you to begin applying the principles you learned to your clinical practice with the guidance and support of leaders in the field.


  • Q&A with faculty and presenters
  • Chat with live-stream attendees around the world
  • Explore a virtual exhibit hall and find discounts on products and services

Did You Miss a Session?

Your program tuition includes video and audio recordings of the full conference, including the pre- and post-course webinar series. Materials are delivered to your
IFM online account 4 to 6 weeks following the course.

Attendees Say

How do I attend my online event?

In order to attend an IFM Live Stream Event or Webinar that you have previously been registered for please log in to the site with your email and password. Once logged in please click on My Account on the upper right of the site. The events you are registered for will appear under the My Live Events area. Click on the Access button to go directly to that events custom event page.