Geoff Dardia MSG

SOF Health Initiatives Program - Task Force Dagger Foundation

Master Sergeant Geoffrey P. Dardia is a career Special Forces soldier currently serving as the Operations Sergeant for 3rd Special Forces Group’s Human Performance and Wellness Program. MSG Dardia is also the founder and program director for 3rd Special Forces Group’s META (Medical, Education, Transition, Advocacy/Awareness) Transition Program that “enables the professional warfighter and their families to plan, prepare and execute a seamless transition from military service back to the civilian sector.” MSG Dardia is also a Veterans Affairs Certified Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) and served as the Ft. Bragg Wounded Warrior Liaison for United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

As the Operations Sergeant for 3rd Special Forces Group’s Human Performance Program, MSG Dardia oversees, and is part of, a multidisciplinary team consisting of Group Medical, Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF), Behavioral Health, Tactical Human Optimization Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconditioning (THOR3), and the Chaplain’s Office. 3rd Special Forces Group’s Human Performance program works tirelessly “to prevent and mitigate performance degrading factors across the physiological, psychological and emotional domains in order to optimize readiness and tactical performance, maximize career longevity, and preserve the soldier and family.”

MSG Geoffrey Dardia also founded and directs the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Health Initiative Program for Task Force Dagger Special Operations Foundation, where he created a pipeline that has directly assisted hundreds of wounded, ill, and injured SOF members and their families. In the SOF Health Initiative program, service members, veterans, and their families receive the most comprehensive and state of the art medical care available. The SOF Health Initiative Program provides access to and awareness of personalized, functional medicine approaches that deliver lifestyle, integrative, and nutritional interventions that address the root causes of dysfunction in the SOF community. The SOF Initiative program educates and empowers service members, veterans, and their families to take ownership of their health and actions and to work as force multipliers/ambassadors to create a healthier and more resilient community.

MSG Geoffrey Dardia works around the clock both as an active duty soldier and as a veteran advocate (trusted agent), public speaker, and as guest writer for the Havok Journal, where he educates and empowers people from all walks to take ownership of their health. MSG Dardia is a frequent guest on several military and health-related podcasts and has also been featured in high visibility publications such as the New York Times, Army Times, Military Times, and Experience Life Magazine.

MSG Dardia published his first scientific paper in 2019 in the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (ATHM) journal titled “Neurotoxicity associated with traumatic brain injury, blast, chemical, heavy metal and quinoline drug exposure.”